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Business Modeler: Easily deploy Magento Projects and Manage Databases

To get started just download the Live-Sync Studio business modeler.

To Register and get the full version Goto HELP>Register in the Menu.

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(Innovators Discount)

The Live-Sync Studio software is developed to test Magento offline without running any hosting. You can get to know Magento without using any hosting.

Easily create a new Magento Project. Select your favorite Magento version and start building!


We have currently developed a version for Windows and are developing for Mac OS and Linux in the future. Make sure to support our development by buying a version.

Our core-architecture is build on the open-source Magento framework.
This means that developers can extend Magento just how they normally would.

Our Application layer in Live-Sync Suppliers and The Live-Sync Studio is closed-source  to end users but developers can still build their own scripts to extend the platform using our Macro API and layer. Examples are included and this layer is extended with each update.

Our Studio makes it extremely easy to create your own Magento configurations or to even write any functionality using our included Macro Language!

Migrating to other servers is also very easy if you decide to.
You can take the Magento and Server layer  logic/functionality with you.
Below is a graph of the open architecture

Open architecture

Open architecture

Investors may get the full-source of Live-Sync Studio to improve our software range or to create derivatives.
See more at the partner opportunities.

Projects are instantly deployed to your local environment.

Goto Develop > Create New Project

Easily create a new Magento Project

Just type your shop name and our modeler will create a project for you which is extracted from an archive.
Once it is deployed you will be taken to the installation screen.


Type your name and it will be created instantly


Backing up your project is very easy!

You can just type your DB name from our environment without leaving your work space. Just goto Myshop>Settings> MySQL Database and you will have the option to create a new DB by just typing the name of your DB or backup your DB by typing its name.


Easily backup from the interface. You don't have to leave our environment.

Easily backup from the interface. You don’t have to leave our environment.

You can view your databases in the modeler browser by going to Server>My Databases


Easy Access Your databases (phpmyadmin)


DB overview


My shop settings

Accessing My shop settings

Although your shop configuration is saved automatically when you deploy your offline shop you sometimes may want to enter specific details or information about your shop. This can be done in the My Shop Overview panel.


You can save settings of your shop in My Shop Overview

Please note that this part is in development and that you may not be able to use certain functions. This does not limit you in building your site. Please read also our roadmap.

Visual Designer: Graphically design your skins, without any code

Magstudio offers a complete codeless workflow to realtime edit fonts, layouts, css and all the graphical stuff you normally code!







You can graphically create and edit your designs without knowing any code or CSS.

Step 1: Hover over any element in your webshop skin.
Just hover your mouse in our Live-Sync Studio over any element.
Step 2: Click the element you want to edit
The properties panel will appear on the left side.
Step 3: modify the properties sliders to change text color, heights, images and much more.

Results: Changes will be previewed. Click save to save your modifications.

See here a quick introduction how to edit your skins.

Macro Editor: Create your own interactive scripts

Live-Sync Studio comes with a Macro editor to bridge the gap between offline processes and online processes.

With Live-Sync studio you can create your own scripts to perform simple calculations, similar you can do in Excel but now being executed by the Live-Sync Studio Platform.
E.g. you can write your own calculations, scripts or give customers interactive scripts. All scripts are executed by your System OS offline just as a normal Macro Editor would.
View our included examples.

Please note:

We are updating the Macro Editor with each release and update of Live-Sync Studio.

Currently Live-Sync Studio Macro Editor Support the popular Visual Basic (VBA) Language.

Visual Basic for Applications enables building user-defined functions (UDFs), automating processes and accessing Windows API and other low-level functionality through dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). It supersedes and expands on the abilities of earlier application-specific macro programming languages such as Word’s WordBasic. It can be used to control many aspects of the host application, including manipulating user interface features, such as menus and toolbars, and working with custom user forms or dialog boxes.

As its name suggests, VBA is closely related to Visual Basic and uses the Visual Basic Runtime Library, but it can normally only run code within a host application rather than as a standalone program. It can, however, be used to control one application from another via OLE Automation. For example, it is used to automatically create a Word report from Excel data, which are automatically collected by Excel from polled observation sensors. VBA has the ability to use (but not create) (ActiveX/COM) DLLs, and later versions add support for class modules.

VBA is built into most Microsoft Office applications, including Office for Mac OS X (apart from version 2008) and other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft MapPoint and Microsoft Visio, as well as being at least partially implemented in other applications such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, CATIA, Corel Draw and WordPerfect.


Integrate Suppliers and (Re)distribute

Please note this module comes with the Live-Sync Platform.

If you don’t have ordered the Live-Sync Platform and have your own Third Party hosting you can still  download our  supplier module

Easy access your product imports without leaving your Magento Environment.

Free for all!

Download here


Turn cache off and upload included subfolders into the root of your magento store. e.g. /public_html

Live-Sync will be integrated into your store, never leave your store environment again but easy manage your daily imports from your Magento back-end.

integate. png

To integrate data click the Integrate Data Icon


Watch our video to setup the Live-Sync module

Test drive our extreme LiveSyncShop Hosting


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